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1977 Porsche 911 Targa


113 tkm


3.0L boxer engine, 180hp

5-speed, 915

Fuchs, 15" 7 & 8
Service history:

Good documentation dating from the 80´s including ownership history.


Electrically adjustable mirrors, rear window defroster and spare tyre.

Information on car:​

Our car was imported to Finland from Sweden in 1988. The Targa model is very popular due to the fact that removing the targa top will give you the pleasure of open motoring driving. There is a very good documented history with the car, dating from the early 80´s and ongoing to this day. The car has been in the same family ownership since the beginning on the 90´s. Being a 1977 model the upgrades for the model year includes a center console, vertical stitching on rear seats, 3-spoke steering wheel and air dispensers in the middle of the instrument panel. The car was sold new with a 2,7L engine but it was changed to a 3.0L SC engine in Sweden. The 3.0L engine is very strong and reliable and was developed into the Porsche 935, which won LeMans outright and along the years the construction lived all the way to the 2010´s. Our car has been driven approx.. 30tkm since the beginning of the 90´s, being used every year. It comes with the front and rear spoiler (optional in 1977 and standard on the 911 Turbo), that has been upgraded by known Porsche specialist Zirkelbach in the 80´s. Also the Carrera 3,0 badge was at that time added on the engine bonnet. The last MOT was accepted in JUN 2024 and is in force for the next 2 years. The car has been in the family´s use and the age is showing in the paintwork and body. It drives and pulls fine and can be enjoyed as is or slowly being bought back to its former glory by the next caretaker. For sale on behalf of current owner.

Price: 39500€

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