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Behind Classic Collection

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Our story

Our story at Classic Collection is based on the road we have walked. Memories of our racing heroes competing in classic sports cars.

These memories turn with time into feelings for sports cars. Setting up dreams and targets that help carry a teenager through school and education, finally fulfilling the long walk into the strong emotions of driving your first own sports car. These memories, feelings and emotions evolve with time into an enthusiasm towards classic and sports cars. Being part of the community at different sports car clubs, racing activities or cherishing your own car gives you a lot more than it takes.

Through this enthusiasm Classic Collection was founded by Hannu Paldán and Sebastian Lindström in 2017. The enthusiasm has grown a strong understanding of classic sports cars, striving to learn and share our experiences with You.

Sebastian Lindström

Stating Company values is easy, gathering the thrust around them takes time.


While listening to dad´s stories of how the first Porsche dealership got started in Finland with many memorable stories of cars being driven from Germany to Finland. Hearing of the exciting times of the -60s and -70s, with AAW racing team drawing Finland on the map of international racing, giving the spark to whom one is growing up to become.


Buying the first sports car and becoming a member of the Porsche Club Finland in 1998 evolved with time into becoming a member of the Porsche Club Finland board, also being part in founding Porsche Racing Club Finland. The enthusiasm led the way to technical knowledge, racing and finally to becoming a partner in establishing an Independent Porsche dealer.


Through the years the character of the Italian sports cars and the elegance of English sports cars have given unforgettable memories. Every Sports or classic car has it´s own characteristics and learning alongside the ownership is a key point in classic and sports car enthusiasm. 

Sincerely Yours, Sebastian

Our commitment

At Classic Collection we offer for sale a small selection of classic and sports cars that have been carefully selected by us to meet your highest requirements and expectations.

All showings by appointment only. Our showroom is situated 30 min from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and we will pick you up at the airport.

Please enquire for possible pocket listings and upcoming cars.

You are right to expect a high level of understanding and commitment working with us and all cars purchased through Classic Collection will naturally come with a full tank of fuel and professional detailing to make sure your experience is the best possible from the first day of ownership.

We provide an effective and care taking shipment for our mainland Europe customers cars as part of the sales.


We will work together with you to provide the best financing solution for you. Generally the deposit for a car is around 20%.

Consignment for purchase:

If you cannot find the car you are looking for on our site, we will source the car for you using our expertise. We will go through the sourcing process with you in forehand and deliver the car ready to use.

Consignment for sale:

We can help you in selling your classic sports car using our expertise, facilities, and sales channels. Utilizing our webpage, paper media and social networks to give your car the best visibility. The car we consign for sale will be inspected in forehand together with you deciding upon a sales price. The sales price is the price you will receive once the car is sold regardless of a possible trade in car. Our sales commission is 4% + VAT (minumun 2500€ + VAT) of the sales price.


Thanks to:

  • Hannu Paldán ( Business co-founder)

  • Leonardo Iglesias (design of Brandbook)

  • Matti Suomalainen (pictures)

  • Eelis Sormunen

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