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1990 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2


237 tkm


3.6L boxer engine, 250hp

5-speed, G50 gearbox

Original D90 16" and CUP II 17"
Service history:

Fully documented since new including ownership history.


4 Wheel drive with hydraulic lock, ABS, servo assisted steering, 993 RS steering wheel, power windows, electric sunroof, electrically adjustable mirrors, electrically adjustable seats, seat heating left, rear wiper,, fog lights, central locking, alarm and original tool kit.

Information on car:​

Our car was sold new in Finland 1990 and has had long ownerships during it´s lifespan. Having a recent engine rebuild by an independent Porsche Specialist 2021, it has great value for the next care taker. The 964 still retains the original 911 looks and sidelines, even though the car is 85% new under the skin, taking full advantage of the technology that was developed for the Porsche 959 B-group supercar. The 964 Carrera 4 uses the same 4-wheel drive system as the Porsche 959, with a possibility to engage and disengage the front wheel drive locks from the cockpit. Even though the 964 model range and 993 model range are based on the same structure, the 964 still retains the original driving feeling and superior feel for the road. That being said, the tail happiness is also still present. Now featured with ABS and power steering, the driving is less physical than on earlier cars. The car has the most noted color combination of Guards Red paint and black part leather interior with Porsche script fabric in the seat centers. The paintwork is in good condition and mostly original and the car has not had any accidents during it´s life span. The last annual check was done in the autumn 2023.

Options including:

​C13 Finnish Market Car
058 Bumper with impact absorbers
139 Seat heating left
425 Rear Wiper

567 Gradually tinted windshield

650 Sliding roof

Price: 68000€

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