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2000 Ferrari 360 Modena F1


70 tkm


3.6L V8, 400hp

6-speed, F1 single clutch 

Original 18"
Service history:

Fully documented


Scuderia Ferrari fender shields, and carbon fiber upgrades in the interior, windows and mirrors, central locking, fog lights, rear parking sensors rear view camera, A/C, E-diff LSD, electronic stability program, immobilizer, power-assisted steering.

Information on car:​

This Ferrari 360 Modena F1 is a wonderful car with a full service history. The clutch was recently replaced and the cambelts during service at 2023. The latest car service was carried out in April 2024 along with a new MOT. Ferrari developed the 360 Modena from the predecessor F355, although the whole monocoque structure and body was constructed fully in lightweight aluminum for the first time. The car was 40% stiffer and 28% lighter than the outgoing F355. The engineers focused on the aerodynamic efficiency when constructing the car, were as Pininfarina designers had the heritage in mind with some features from the Ferrari 250 LM and the Dino.
At maximum speed (290km/h) the car generates 170 kilograms of downforce thanks to the aerodynamic efficiency.

Sachs active dampers, Bosch 5.3 ASR and the latest fly-by-wire technology, meanwhile, were among the cutting-edge trickery that further contributed to an electrifying driving experience. The 360 relies more on pin-sharp throttle and steering response than driver aids to deliver its feel and poise, though there are Normal and Sport modes for the suspension. The gears and clutch are the same as the standard six-speed manual’s, but they are operated by electro hydraulics in the F1, with the clutch engaging as you press on the throttle. Much of the Ferrari 360’s reputation for being easier and cheaper to run than the earlier 355 comes from the fact the later car’s engine doesn’t have to be removed to carry out important maintenance work. The Ferrari 360 Modena’s interior features luxurious leather throughout. On the rear shelf, there is enough space for a set of golf clubs while still providing comfortable seating in the front. Our car has been upgraded with a full carbon fiber interior, which stands out from the normal aluminum.

Price: 89500€

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