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1990 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2 Coupé



Mileage:                 23 tkm

Engine:                   3.6L boxer
Gearbox:                5-speed manual
Wheels:                  16" D90, with original tires
Service history:     Fully documented since new

Specifications:      Power side windows and mirrors, AC, ABS brakes and rear window wiper.

Documentation includes owner's manual, warranty and maintenance book with service records, jack, factory tool kit, and spare tire pump.

We are glad to be able to offer what in it´s own right can be called a time wrap from the early 1990´s, when the car was sold new by Sports Car Center (Official Finnish Porsche Dealer) and picked up by the 1st owner on  8 JUN 1990. The car was bought tax-free and shipped with the owner to south Portugal, where the car was enjoyed for 14tkm. Unfortunately the car was hit in 1992 on the left door and rear, which after it was shipped to Finland and repaired. Due to the high taxation of cars in Finland the car was then in storage until it became 25 years of age and could be registered in Finland 2016. The second owner then enjoyed the car until now adding another 8tkm on the clock. Altogether the car has now 23200km on the clock and is in outstanding condition, still wearing it´s original assembly Good Year Eagle tyres.

The 911 (964 model range 1989-1993) is the first step in modernizing the 911 concept. You still feel the 911 tradition as you jump into the car, it´s all 911 in the interior, although the center tunnel and gear-linkage can be traced to the 959 supercar allowing both two wheel and four wheel drive layouts. One clear step ahead is the air-conditioning and heating panel, that actually works! The 964 body was fitted with new bumpers which look like an integral part of the body. Fog light units are also integrated. The bumpers are made of a plastic which can deform to a certain extend without damage. The car has a mechanically operated rear spoiler that gives additional stability at speeds over 80km/h. The 3,6L boxer engine has now more torque and horsepower than the earlier 3,2L engine and the steering is hydraulically assisted.

The car performs and drives like a new car with no looseness, squeaks or rattles present on a drive.

Drop us a mail or schedule a meeting to view this beautiful car.

Price: Under offering

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