1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Mileage:                  140 tkm

Engine:                    3.3L boxer engine
Gearbox:                 4-speed, 930 gearbox
Wheels:                   Fuchs 7/8 x 16"

Service history:      Service book

Specifications:       Power windows, and mirrors, electric roof, fog lights, hydraulic chain tensioners and original tool kit.

The iconic 911 turbo (930) was finally offered as an open car in 1987 by the factory. To understand the history behind this car, we have to scroll back in time all the way to the early 70´s when Porsche introduced turbocharging in it´s race cars. The massive impact that turbocharging had on Porsches racing success paved the way onto the street cars, with the first deliveries of turbos started in 1975. The car had massive power in comparison with the normal cars of the day, wore the widest tires that could be had and of course the now days trademark turbo rear wings. Together with the Lamborghini Countach, the 911 Turbo posters were hanging on every becoming enthusiasts walls through the 1980´s. Due to the high power, Porsche decided on a 4-speed gearbox, that could cope with the torque and it remained in production all the way to 1988, which also is our cars model year. The turbo shows it´s potential best in 3rd gear, with an ongoing rush of power from 100km/h past 200km/h.

Our car started it´s life in California and has been very well kept, the former owner kept the car over 21 years. As for a perfect blend in exterior and interior color, this one has to be in the top 10. The interior is in fantastic condition, which is not always the case with white leather. Usually used cars are reflected by the last owner and a long time ownership reflects a happy owner.

Price: Under offering