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1970 Porsche 911 ST Replica


4 tkm since completion


2,4L boxer engine, 210p

5-speed, 915 gearbox

Compomotive Fuchs and Minilite 15"
Service history:

Rebuild invoices and history since 2007


Lightweight, roll cage and FIA regularity pass

Information on car:​

Porsche AG developed the 911 ST for competitive use 1970-1971. The cars had a developed version of the 2.2L engine that was tuned up to 2.5L in the latest cars. Some cars were produced with the older 901 gearboxe and the most recen tones had the 915 gearboxe. As with the 911 R, the aim was lightness and the cars weightened les than 900kg. The factory produced about 30 911 ST racing cars.


Our car started it´s life as a 911 T  from 1970 (color: Conda Grün), which has been completely dismantled and rebuilt starting with an empty body shell to match the 911 ST model, keeping the AAW-Racing car as the inspirational focus. The car is approved for the FIA ​​regularity Pass category.


The chassis has Bilstein Sport shock absorbers and for example, the front torsion bar support has been renewed. The engine base is a 911/57 block and has now 911 S engine internals with Weber 40 IDAP carburetors. Two oil coolers have been mounted on the front fenders to enhance oil cooling. A stronger oil pump has been installed to improve oil circulation all the way to the front of the car. The engine was built by a known Porsche enthusiast in Finland and it has been driven about 4,500 km since completion. The transmission is a 5-speed 915 transmission and is fitted with a LSD. The front fenders are originals that have been widened to the ST model, the rear fenders are made of fiberglass to improve weight distribution. The bumpers are original front as well as rear. The front cover and engine cover are made of fiberglass. The interior has been striped from unesessary equipment and a roll bar has been fitted with classic sport seats including 6-point harnesses. A Halda twinmaster is also installed and calibrated. The Magnesium Minilite rims (9x15) are fitted in the rear and Compomotive Fuchs at the front (there are also two Compomotive Fuchs rims for the rear).


The car is in excellent condition and is for sale on behalf of the owner. The tehnical inspection is valid until June 2023.

Price: Under offering

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