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Porsche 911R


3.0L Boxer.  210hp


901 Dog-leg


15x6" Deep fuchs replica
Service history:

Car has just been finished and properly run in after re-build.

Information on car:​

We are pleased to offer a very special car, that has been build into 911 R spec. The Porsche factory initially just build 20 911 R cars for racing purpose in 1966. The key to success was in many ways the unloaded weight, tipping the scales at only 800kg. The original 2.0L R engine is essentially the same as in the Porsche 906 race car, which gives away 210hp. Our car is equiped with a 3,0L engine giving the same 210hp, with weber carbs. Starting life as an 912 model, the starting point was the lightest available model, which suits the R purpose perfectly. The car has just been properly run in and completed with brand new tyres and replica 6" deep fuchs. Lightweight fiberglass and lexan parts have been used during the build.

Price: 79000€

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