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1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

Mileage:                  89 tkm

Engine:                    3.2L boxer engine
Gearbox:                 5-speed, G50 gearbox
Wheels:                   Fuchs 6/7 x 16"

Service history:      Service book

Specifications:       Power windows, and mirrors, electric roof, hydraulic chain tensioners and original tool kit.

"One of the best models we have build" was the words of a Porsche employee during a visit at the Factory in Stuttgart. An evolution lasting over 20 years is finalized with the Carrera 3.2 1987-1989. The car received a new gearbox the Getrag G50, which by todays standards still can be regarded as an excellent gearbox. Our car is in mint condition and comes from a long term ownership from the second owner. With only 89tkm on the clock the entire car is still fresh delivering the whole experience in every aspect. This is a non sport model, with an added front rubber spoiler later in it´s life to enhance the stability in higher speeds. The spotless interior features black leather seats and a period correct radio. The car was sold new in Japan and brought to Finland from it´s first owner in 2008. A mint condition Carrera 3.2 with the G50 gearbox presents excellent value both on the road and as an investment.

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