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1986 Porsche 911 Carrera


291 tkm


3.2L boxer engine, 231hp

5-speed, 915 gearbox

Telephone Dial 15"
Service history:

Partially documented


Sport-model, original 15" Telephone Dial wheels, power windows, electric sunroof, electrically adjustable mirrors, electrically adjustable driver seat, fog lights, hydraulic chain tensioners and original tool kit.

Information on car:​

This Guards Red Porsche 911 Carrera has only had two previous owner changes, in 1988 and 2007. First registered in Germany and then bought by the current owner to Finland. This is the last version of the original 911 model range that started it´s life in 1964 and with time evolved to the Carrera that has the bullet proof 3,2L engine with Bosch Motronic injection and hydraulic chain tensioners. The new interior was introduced for the 1986 model range and this car has a partial leather interior with the pinstripe cloth inserts. The car comes with a partial history, including all documentation from 2007 onwards. Copy of original German registration certificate is in the documentation as well as a cardex report. The car has had a major body restoration in 2009 and received a historic car registration in 2017. The car is 100% original and has been serviced in 2023. These late 911 Carreras are very reliable and offers great ownership and enjoyable drives.​

Options including:

​C00 German Market Car
261 Right hand door mirror
401 Telephone dial 15” wheels
474 Sport shock dampers
650 Sliding roof


Price: 53000€

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