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1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Targa


1tkm after restoration       


3.0 boxer engine (930/02), 200hp

5-speed manual (915 gearbox)



Fuchs 7/8 x 15"

New 195/65 and 215/60

Service history:

Extensive restoration history



Color windows,, black -look, non-sport, hydraulic chain tensioners, original spare tyre and toolkit.


Informtion on the car:

The Carrera 3.0, which evolved from the Carrera RS 1973 and Carrera 2,7 (74-75) is a rare car having only a few hundred targa models build in 1976. The name Carrera, which relates to the Carrera Panamericana race was formerly given to the top level naturally aspirated 911 models. Thanks to the 3.0L engine, which construction is shared by the turbo engine, it pulls strongly and copes good with the earlier Carrera models. This car is a non-sport model (no front or rear spoiler) with black look window frames. The 15" Fuchs wheels, with original tire size makes sure that the road feeling is as it was intended. The 911 is after all praised for the steering input and communication between the driver and the road.

Our car has been extensively restored including a bare metal re-spray, refurbished interior, engine restoration, targa top refurbished and passivated metal parts. Being sensibly priced for the extnet of the restoration it makes for a good investment alongside memorable drives and ownership.

Price: 68700€

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